Not just the best painters Tucson has seen, but also offers flooring options Commercial Flooring Options

We're not just the best painters Tucson has seen, but we can also help with flooring options. In a commercial setting, flooring is often exposed to a heavier degree of wear and tear than the floors in our homes. While repairs to these floors is sometimes possible, they can’t always be restored entirely if the proper flooring isn’t selected initially. Often preparation is the best way to withstand the constant foot traffic a business can expect. If you pick the right floor, the lifespan and aesthetic appeal will be far greater.

Concrete floors are undeniably one of the most wear resistant options available. We can tailor the look to your color scheme with concrete staining which has a clean, modern, and enduring look. Chemical resistant urethane (CRU) floor coatings will lock in the color and create a barrier that can resist high traffic without losing its luster. In an area that requires a high sheen and professional appearance, we can provide show-quality epoxy floors as well.

If you have an aged dingy floor that needs to be replaced, we specialize in concrete scarifying which will remove layers down to the concrete and prepare the subfloor to receive a fresh updated look.