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Commercial Lic # ROC 072636 – 008 C-34 

Residential Lic # ROC 021412 – 007 L-34

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The #1 Painters in Tucson | Wiese Painting

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    Let Wiese be your #1 solution when it comes to Painters in Tucson, AZ.

    Headquarted in Tucson, Arizona for more than half a century, we paint commercial, industrial, governmental, and manufacturing buildings and residence throughout the Southwest.

    We provide a wide range of services that covers your building from floor to ceiling.

    Wiese Painting Contractors is the best residential and commercial painting contractors Tucson has ever seen!

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    Our family business has thrived for three generations by following simple principles:

    • Earn our customers’ trust with integrity and dependability
    • Use our deep knowledge and professionalism to provide exacting services
    • Achieve 100% satisfaction from our customers
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    Wiese Painting Contractors has experience in painting, coating, blasting, and repairs for a wide variety of buildings, from military installations and commercial and industrial complexes to to single family homes.

    • Registered with CCR, SBA, and ORCA
    • Certified Small Business with government entities
    • Arizona licensed (ROC 021412-008 C-34 and 072636-007 L-34), bonded, and insured