With headquarters based in Tucson, AZ for more than half a century, Wiese Painting Contractors provide commercial painting, industrial painting, governmental, and manufacturing builds and residences throughout the Southwest. We provide a large range of services that cover your build from floor to ceiling.

The best industrial painting in Tucson

Industrial painting often requires extensive labor and a wide range of experience to achieve a specific look in mind. As the best industrial painting contractor Tucson has seen, Wiese Painting has partnered with leaders like Sherwin Williams, PPG Paints, and Dunn-Edwards, which puts up in an ideal position to handle every aspect of the process.

With interior projects, we employ highly trained experts to put every portion of your project in place. Our team also maintains the level of respect and professionalism needed in settings such as hospitals, offices, hotels, and many others.

Industrial Painting Service in Tucson
Campus job completed.

Industrial Painting Exterior Work

An exterior industrial painting project typically has some additional requirements for both the preparation and products used. For industrial buildings under the initial construct, it is simply a matter of using the right product. With Tucson being susceptible to greater degrees of sun damage than many other areas, the wrong paint choices may cause major problems down the road. If the industrial project you are planning is on an existing structure, it may involve some additional preparatory work. We are equipped to assist you with every aspect of that!

We’re painting Tucson with special coatings because many industrial projects require a variety of coatings as a supplement or alternative to painting. With long term experience in specialty coatings, Wiese is an ideal choice for your industrial painting project. Whether you are weatherproofing your paint against the effects of the strong desert sun, applying your specialty coating to any variety of material, to even providing proactive protection coatings against graffiti which can save you a great deal of money in the long term; Wiese Painting is proud to provide all the industrial painting Tucson needs!

Flooring Options

In addition to providing the best industrial painting Tucson has seen, we can also help with flooring options! Within an industrial setting, flooring is exposed to a heavier degree of wear and tear than the floors in our homes. Concrete floors are one of the most wear resistant options available, and we can tailor the look to your color scheme with concrete staining which has a clean, modern, and enduring look. If you have an aged dingy floor that needs to be replaced, we specialize in concrete scarifying, which will remove layers down to the concrete and prepare the subfloor to receive a fresh updated look!

Wiese Painting Contractors has experience in industrial painting, coating, blasting, and repairs for a wide variety of industrial buildings, from military installations and government buildings to commercial and industrial buildings, Wiese can do it all!

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