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Benefits of Commercial Coating

We’re painting Tucson with specialty coatings because many projects require a variety of commercial coatings as a supplement or alternative to painting. With long term experience in specialty coatings, Wiese is an ideal choice. If you’re weather proofing your paint against the effects of the strong desert sun, we’re happy to advise you on the proper product – from moisture-resistant barriers to protective coatings. These can be needed on both interior and exterior surfaces depending on specific circumstances.

High-performance wall coatings provide a durable and decorative finish. The specialty commercial coatings that we use can be applied to over almost any material; concrete, drywall, Hardiplank, and laminates. Not only will it provide a unique look, it also makes it resistant to grime, dirt, and scuffs. There are a variety of specialty coating options and the best choice will depend on the type of business you have and the amount of wear that these surfaces can anticipate.

Commercial Coatings
Commercial Coating Service in Tucson

Covering Graffiti With Our Commercial Coating Service

Unfortunately, a common issue that many businesses face is graffiti on their external walls and borders. Spot painting to cover these can leave unsightly mismatched areas that are unavoidable without painting the entire wall. Instead, you can be proactive in preventing these issues with your business. Wiese painting offers anti-graffiti coatings that layer the surface with protection. If you are a victim of graffiti vandalism, the paint can be power-washed away. When used properly, these commercial coatings can save a great deal of money in the long term, which would be costly with painting options alone.

Why Choose Wiese Painting Contractors

We are the premier choice for all of your commercial coating projects in the greater Tucson area. We have many satisfied customers and great online reviews. You can rest assured that Wiese Painting Contractors is the best choice for all of your commercial painting and coating needs.

At Wiese Painting, we always put the customer’s needs first. That is why, when you work with us, you get the best individual care. We ensure that your commercial coating job is to your satisfaction. When you choose Wiese Painting, you choose excellence!

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