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If you’re looking for the #1 commercial painting contractor in Tucson, then look no further. Wiese Painting Contractors has served the Tucson area for over 65 years. We specialize in all forms of painting, including residential, industrial, and commercial painting. Wiese Painting always gives our 100% satisfaction guarantee for every job. So for all of your commercial painting needs, just call us at 520-314-6010, or fill out an online contact form today!

About Commercial Painting

Commercial painting often requires extensive labor forces and a wide range of experience to achieve the specific look in mind. As the best commercial painting contractors Tucson has seen, Wiese Painting has partnered with leaders like Sherwin Williams, PPG Paints, and Dunn-Edwards, which puts us in an ideal position to handle every aspect of the process.

We have had the opportunity to provide interior painting services for a variety of companies. Often in sizable projects, this may be paired with wall coverings to achieve the desired effect. We employ highly trained experts to put every portion of your project in place. Our team maintains the level of respect and professionalism needed in settings such as hospitals, offices, hotels, and more!

Commercial Painting
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In an exterior painting project there are typically some additional requirements in both the preparation and the product used. For commercial buildings under initial construction, it’s simply using the right product. Tucson is susceptible to greater degrees of sun damage than many other areas and the wrong paint choices may cause major problems down the road. If the commercial project you are planning is on an existing structure, it may involve some additional preparatory work. We are equipped to assist you with every aspect of that.

Depending on the age of a building, the condition in which it’s been maintained, or the products used originally, some elements may need to be addressed for the surface to be capable of taking on new paint. If the paint is chipping, peeling or uneven it needs to be removed prior to applying a new coat. We use power washing or sandblasting to remove any areas of concern prior to applying paint. If there is damage to the stucco, we are fully equipped to handle stucco repairs. Once the surface is brought to an appropriate level, we can move forward with selecting and applying the exterior paint.

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Wiese Painting Contractors is the premier choice for all of your commercial painting needs in the greater Tucson area. If you're looking for the best commercial painting contractor Tucson has, contact Wiese Painting Contractors! We are excited to work hard for our customers and embrace the unique challenges of every commercial painting project.

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