Will Acrylic Paint Stick to Metal Surfaces?

Choosing the right type of paint is the first step in any painting project, and one of the most common questions we get as Tucson’s trusted house painters is, “Will acrylic paint stick to metal surfaces?” The short answer is yes, but a successful paint job requires thorough surface preparation.  As the top local painters with a […]

Unusual Color Combinations for Living Rooms That Surprisingly Work

When choosing colors for your living room, you might shy away from contrasting pigments on the color wheel. But some unusual color combinations hit just the right note of quirky and chic. Tucson’s trusted house painters offer a few ideas you might want to try.  As a general rule, warm colors often clash with bright tones. Sometimes, […]

Can You Paint a House in the Winter?

You might not think of winter as the perfect time to paint your home’s exterior. Freezing temperatures and precipitation can make it challenging to complete your outdoor restoration projects. Painting your Tucson home during the winter months has both benefits and drawbacks. As such, you are probably wondering, “Can you paint a house in the […]

Painting a House in Fall: What You Need to Know

It’s fall in Arizona, and homeowners can’t wait to say goodbye to oppressively hot summer temperatures. Since avoiding the outdoors is best during Arizona summers, consider doing housework in the fall. Fall housework also improves your home before friends and family visit for the holidays.  Many Arizona homeowners wonder whether painting their house in the […]

Oil-Based vs Water-Based Paint: Pros and Cons

New paint jobs are an easy way to transform one room or your whole house. But when you’re planning your project, how do you choose between oil-based vs water-based paint? Each type of paint consists of different ingredients and has advantages and disadvantages. Hiring the right professional painter is as important as using the right […]