can you paint a house in the winter

Can You Paint a House in the Winter?

You might not think of winter as the perfect time to paint your home’s exterior. Freezing temperatures and precipitation can make it challenging to complete your outdoor restoration projects.

Painting your Tucson home during the winter months has both benefits and drawbacks. As such, you are probably wondering, “Can you paint a house in the winter and achieve a satisfactory result?”

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Why You Should Leave it to the Professional

It is a widespread assumption that painting during cold weather produces undesirable results, but this is not necessarily true. A professional painting contractor knows what weather conditions and temperatures are suitable for exterior painting, and you will find the team at Wiese Painting working on job sites year-round.

Wiese Painting Contractors are expert house painters in Tucson for your residential and industrial painting needs. With 70 years of industry experience, we have the resources and expertise to deliver exceptional results on every project and every season.

Painting Your Home in the Winter – Facts to Consider

So can you paint a house in the winter? The short answer is yes; you can paint your house during the winter months. However, only a professional painting contractor has the experience and knowledge to determine if the conditions are ideal for outdoor painting.

The rule of thumb is that the air and surface temperature must be above 35 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure a high-quality result. To ensure that the paint sets properly, the outdoor temperature should remain above 35 degrees during the night for 48 hours after the completion of the job.

By hiring a professional to do the job for you, you can be more confident that your painting job will yield successful, long-lasting results.

How the Weather Affects Your Paint Job

Here are some facts to consider when preparing for an outdoor painting project:

Winter Weather Brings Faster Drying Times

Cold weather air is less humid and allows for faster drying times than hot, humid conditions. A quicker drying time means finishing the job faster in cold temperatures, which can save money when working with contractors.

Humid Takes Longer for Paint to Dry

Since the paint stays wet for longer, there is the risk of accumulating dust or debris while the paint sets. Humid air can cause exterior paint to blister and flake.

Beware of Winter Storms

While dry, cool air helps exterior paint to dry quickly, the opposite is true for rain and snow. If you have had a recent rain or snowstorm, be sure your painting surface is totally dry before applying paint. Residual moisture or dew can cause paint to dry unevenly and become sticky.

Wiese Painting Provides Year-Round Residential and Commercial Painting Services in Tucson

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