unusual color combinations

Unusual Color Combinations for Living Rooms That Surprisingly Work

When choosing colors for your living room, you might shy away from contrasting pigments on the color wheel. But some unusual color combinations hit just the right note of quirky and chic. Tucson’s trusted house painters offer a few ideas you might want to try. 

As a general rule, warm colors often clash with bright tones. Sometimes, a bright color breaks the rule by working artfully with a deeper shade. Discover a few examples below. 

Light Gray and Black

Charcoal gray softens the edges of any room, providing a clean, cool aura. As gray becomes lighter, it offers a more delicate ambiance. Enter the unforgiving, unapologetic shade of black. 

While black tantalizes homeowners with a minimalist but gothic aesthetic, it overpowers most colors. However, you can combine black with light gray, its gentler cousin. Gray softens the room; black sets boundaries. Few color combinations have such surprising harmony. 

Navy Blue and Light Gray

Much like black, navy blue provides the perfect partner to subdued shades of gray. While navy blue has more give than solid black, it boasts a regal and uncompromising presence on living room walls. Gray brings it down a couple of notches while keeping the aura cool and refreshing. 

You could create similar unusual color combinations by combining royal blue with gray or charcoal gray with softer shades of blue. These pairings bring out the diverse, eclectic nature of your family and home through rich, vivid colors.   

Pea Green and Dusty Rose

If you want a more neutral color combination, go for pea green and dusty rose. Many people avoid pea green due to its perceived obstinance. It hasn’t worked well with much of anything since 70s fashions paired it with rusted orange. 

Still, it makes a classy, high-spirited comeback as an earthy tone when paired with bubbly dusty rose. Dusty rose has a neutral but open character. Thus, it works fluidly with insistent colors like pea green. 

Crimson and Lavender

As we learn more about how a bright color can soften uncompromising ones, let’s delve into regal colors that dress up casual, more cheerful hues. One of many such unusual color combinations is crimson and lavender. Lavender has a noncommittal, fun-loving feel that resembles a spring breeze. 

Crimson imbues the room with fiery passion and depth. When you combine the two, you have an unexpectedly elegant palette. However, you should use crimson in a more understated way to avoid overpowering soft lilac tones. 

Orange and Turquoise 

You could liken a combination of orange and turquoise to a marriage between earth and sky. Though artists frequently employ this unusual color combination, homeowners rarely use it in their living spaces. Together, these colors lend a carefree Southwestern aesthetic to any living room. 

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