Are Paint Fumes Bad for Dogs: Should You Paint with Pets Around?

Planning a home improvement project as a pet owner can be challenging as it’s essential to ensure your animals are safe throughout the process. However, it can sometimes be unclear to homeowners whether a specific project is unsafe for their pets. In this article, we’ll answer the question, “Are paint fumes bad for dogs?” and […]

Exterior Painting: Does Painting the Outside of a House Add Value?

As a homeowner, you constantly search for ways to upgrade your property. Whether you’re about to list your home or planning on doing so sometime in the future, home improvements are the best way to increase your home’s market value. While some projects are expensive and time-consuming, others, such as an exterior paint job, are […]

How Often to Repaint House Interior: Factors to Consider

Many residents consider color schemes and the style of their new house before their first paint job. However, many believe it’s a one-and-done job, refusing to repaint as the years progress. In turn, walls become faded with scuff marks as opposed to vibrant like it once was.  Turn back the clock by calling Wiese Painting […]

Painting Over Old Exterior Paint: Is it Advisable?

Contact Tucson’s top-rated painting contractors today at 520-327-3200. Painting your property’s exterior is one of the best ways to increase curb appeal. However, you must decide what to do with the existing paintwork. Is painting over old exterior paint advisable? It depends. Painting Over Old Exterior Paint: How to Decide You should only paint over […]

Four Common Painting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Call your local Tucson painting pros at (520) 327-3200 today! A new paint job can boost the aesthetic of your home and create a fresh new look. Unfortunately, most people make one or two mistakes when painting their homes or businesses. Wiese Painting Contractors, Inc., knows how frustrating a less-than-perfect paint job can be. Below […]