how often to repaint house interior

How Often to Repaint House Interior: Factors to Consider

Many residents consider color schemes and the style of their new house before their first paint job. However, many believe it’s a one-and-done job, refusing to repaint as the years progress. In turn, walls become faded with scuff marks as opposed to vibrant like it once was. 

Turn back the clock by calling Wiese Painting Contractors Inc., your residential painting professional in Tucson. Our painting services will handle everything from prep work to clean-up. If you need help deciding how often to repaint house interiors, consider our rough estimations below.

Hallways: 2-3 Years

Hallways and other near-empty household corridors receive a lot of foot traffic since it’s the only way for residents to navigate between rooms. Unfortunately, these usually narrow walkways guarantee roaming hands and accidental bumps that’ll cause excessive wear and tear on your wall paint. 

When considering how often to repaint house interiors, your hallway should be first on your list of interior painting projects. Let the Wiese Painting Contractors Inc. professionals put a new glow on your dingy walls every two to three years. 

Cooking Areas and Washrooms: 2-4 Years

Kitchens and bathrooms also see quite a bit of use. Whether you’re boiling spaghetti on the stove or taking a hot shower, these rooms undergo plenty of steam and heat that dry and crack painted walls. The constant moisture in the air also softens the paint, leading to peeling and dulling appearances.

What’s more, splattering food in the kitchen and soap scum on your bathroom walls create unsightly stains you’ll want to cover up. Therefore, paint these areas at least once every four years. 

Living Rooms and Dining Rooms: 5-7 Years

You may be wondering why you can get away with longer intervals between paint jobs for living rooms and dining rooms. Although these rooms are where you spend large portions of your day and entertain guests, the odds are you have large furniture pieces spanning their circumferences. 

In living rooms, vast couches, loveseats, and end tables formulate a barrier between you and your walls, creating contactless spots. Paintings, picture frames, and hanging TVs also protect your paint job in certain areas, making spot correcting or partial paint jobs more common in these rooms. 

Dining rooms, on the other hand, are rarely in use since residents save these formal areas for special celebrations. 

Bedrooms: 2-8 Years 

Bedrooms see little daily use. When you’re in them, you’re usually relaxing, leaving your walls untouched. Therefore, when considering how often to repaint house interiors, bedrooms can wait up to eight years. 

However, children’s bedrooms may require more frequent painting services since sticky fingers, crayon wall art, and roughhousing contribute to wear and tear. 

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Whether you’re painting the entire house with the same color or making each room unique, trust our professionals. We know how often to repaint house interiors, and we’ll handle any room, large or small, leaving you with a smooth finish and long-lasting topcoat. Call Wiese Painting Contractors Inc. at 520-327-3200 to bring our legacy into your home today!