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Four Common Painting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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A new paint job can boost the aesthetic of your home and create a fresh new look. Unfortunately, most people make one or two mistakes when painting their homes or businesses.

Wiese Painting Contractors, Inc., knows how frustrating a less-than-perfect paint job can be. Below are the most common painting mistakes that people make when trying to create a new interior or exterior look.

The best way to avoid these common painting mistakes and ensure high-end results is by contacting your local painting experts in Tucson, AZ. Wiese Painting Contractors, Inc., uses the best painting tools and a keen eye for detail to provide exceptional results for every Tucson home or business.

1. Over-Brushing

Using the right amount of brushwork is essential for a smooth finish, especially when painting cabinets, doors, or other woodwork. Brushing too often can create lines and ridges, making it look sloppy.

For best results, dip the paint brush and quickly add a layer of paint to the area. Next, use only a stroke or two to level the surface and create a smooth finish.

2. Getting a Single Estimate

If you hire a professional to paint for you, it is crucial to get more than one estimate. Exploring different companies and their prices will give you a better idea of which contractors will help you achieve your painting objectives without going over budget.

Look for the services a company offers, reviews, and prices. Considering at least a couple of companies will help you find the best painting contractor for the job.

3. Putting the Paint Roller on the Floor

Although it can be tempting to put your paint-covered roller on the floor when taking a break, it could lead to less than perfect results. Putting your roller on the floor allows it to pick up dirt, hair, and other debris that can then spread onto your walls.

To keep your freshly-painted walls clean and smooth, avoid putting the roller directly on the floor or near any dirty areas.

4. Not Rolling in Multiple Directions

One of the most common painting mistakes people make is rolling paint in only one direction. Doing so can create unsightly marks and a sloppy finish.

To ensure a smooth and even finish, paint in sections of five or six square feet. After painting one section, quickly move to the next one to prevent paint edges from drying.

Call Your Local Paint Pros

Wiese Painting Contractors, Inc., believes that a paint project requires more than high-quality paint and primer. Our experts are meticulous with their work to ensure that you can avoid uneven results and peeling paint.

Hiring an experienced professional is the best way to avoid common painting mistakes and save money. Whether you need residential or commercial repainting, Wiese Painting Contractors, Inc., has the tools and skills required for high-end results.

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