painting over old exterior paint

Painting Over Old Exterior Paint: Is it Advisable?

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Painting your property’s exterior is one of the best ways to increase curb appeal. However, you must decide what to do with the existing paintwork.

Is painting over old exterior paint advisable? It depends.

Painting Over Old Exterior Paint: How to Decide

You should only paint over old exterior paint if it’s not loose and flaking. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a shoddy paint job since the new  paint won’t stick to the surface.

Use the paint adhesion test if you’re unsure about the state of the paint on your exterior wall.

Here’s how to carry out the test:

  1. Cut a small X into the surface with a sharp blade
  2. Cut out some sticky tape
  3. Press it firmly across the marked surface
  4. Rip off the tape
  5. Check the results

Painting over old exterior paint is not a good idea if the old paint comes off with the sticky tape. Be sure to test different parts of the wall for best results.

Old and flaking paint shouldn’t stop you from giving your property a new look. You can still complete the painting, but it requires  an extra step.

How to Paint Over Exterior Wall with Old and Flaking Paint

Prepare the Work Area

The first step to painting is to clear the area. Remove any furniture or exterior fixtures to avoid getting paint stains on them. Protect the floor around the area with canvas sheets and tape over any sockets, handles, etc.

Scrape Off the Flaking Paint

If you’re in any doubts about the durability of your old exterior paint, get a scraper and get to work. It’s better to scrape off old paint unnecessarily than to make the mistake of painting over peeling paint.

This extra step will increase your project timeline by a few hours, but it will also save you many hours in repeat work!

Fill Out Holes and Cracks

Filling any cracks on the surface will give a smooth look after the project. Use some putty and a filling knife to cover up all holes. Areas with deeper holes may require multiple applications.

Sand down the filled areas to get a flat surface.

Clean the Surface

Vacuum up any debris and wipe down the surface with a cloth and some detergent to remove dirt and grease. Complete the cleaning process by wiping with clean water.

Use a Primer

A primer will increase the paint retaining capacity of your surface. It’s even more important if there’s no flaking and you intend to paint over old paint.

Old dark colors on previously painted surfaces may ruin the appearance of lighter colors, forcing you to apply multiple coats of the new color. A primer prevents this problem by covering up the old color.

Apply Your New Paint

Apply two coats of the new paint. Wait for a layer to dry thoroughly before applying another.

Get Professional Help with Exterior Painting

Painting over old exterior paint is a time-consuming home improvement project—especially if you need to remove flaking paint first. You also need to learn about the best time to paint a house exterior for the perfect results.

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