Month: August 2022

painting over wallpaper

Is Painting Over Wallpaper a Good Idea?

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or want to update an old room, many homeowners eventually decide to replace their wallpaper with paint. Some homeowners decide that painting over wallpaper provides the fastest, easiest results but suffer disappointment when problems arise. For the best-looking home upgrades, remove wallpaper before painting your rooms.

Painting over wallpaper may seem like a DIY project. However, wallpaper can rip, hide damaged drywall beneath, or have multiple layers of wallpaper beneath the top.

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Why Should You Remove Wallpaper Before Painting?

Leftover Textures or Colors

Wallpaper frequently features patterns and textures impossible to duplicate with painting or other wall coverings. These textures or colors may still show through even with several coats of paint. 

Wallpaper Adhesive

Wallpaper requires a coat of adhesive to keep the paper on the wall. When painting over wallpaper, you weaken the adhesive. As a result, the paper may wrinkle, bubble, or completely detach from the wall.

Wasted Time and Money

Because wallpaper may fail after exposure to wet paint, all your hard work quickly disappears with it. Painting takes considerable supplies and time. So, wasting them because you didn’t want to deal with wallpaper removal hurts your wallet.

What If You Don’t Want to Remove the Wallpaper?

Wallpaper removal takes a lot of time and effort, and hiring a professional team may cost more than you want. If you want to save time and funds, follow the steps below to paint over wallpaper.

1. Assess the Wallpaper’s Condition

Before starting your paint project, ensure your wallpaper securely attaches to the wall. Remove or replace any damaged areas and add adhesive to loosened wallpaper. Then, use clear caulk around the edges of the room to seal the edges of the wallpaper down.

2. Prep Your Walls 

Use a thin coat of joint compound, or spackle, to smooth out the surface of your wallpaper. Then, gently sand down wallpaper seams and ensure a flat transition between panels.

Using oil-based primer, cover every inch of the walls to provide a safe, moisture-free barrier between your paint and the wallpaper. Don’t use water-based primer, as this fluid may soak through your wallpaper and prime it for bubbling, wrinkling, or falling.

3. Paint Your Walls

After the primer dries, use oil-based paint to reinforce moisture resistance and promote a better chance of preserving the wallpaper below. For the best results, add at least one more coat of paint before calling the project done.

Do You Need Wallpaper Removal in Your Tucson, AZ, Home?

Hiring a team of professional painters is the easiest way to avoid troubles with painting over wallpaper. Call (520) 327-3200 to schedule your consultation with Wiese Painting Contractors Inc. in Tucson, AZ.

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