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does painting outside of house add value

Exterior Painting: Does Painting the Outside of a House Add Value?

As a homeowner, you constantly search for ways to upgrade your property. Whether you’re about to list your home or planning on doing so sometime in the future, home improvements are the best way to increase your home’s market value. While some projects are expensive and time-consuming, others, such as an exterior paint job, are relatively cheap and straightforward.

You may wonder, “does painting the outside of a house add value?” The answer is yes. A fresh coat of exterior paint provides aesthetic and physical improvements with little effort. Once you’ve found a reliable paint contractor, you can simply sit back and let the professionals boost your home’s value. 

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Aesthetic Appeal

Painting the outside of a house adds value through aesthetic appeal. For a potential buyer, a dull home is often a quick pass. One that catches the eye, however, is an immediate favorite. 

A perfect professional exterior paint job accentuates your home’s unique style and design. The paint complements and emphasizes your home’s characteristics, increasing curb appeal. When potential buyers drive by, this will draw them to your property.

A fresh paint job also plays well on online listings. With the right colors, the new coat makes your home more photogenic.

Physical Improvements

While an exterior paint job adds value through looks, it can also increase value through physical improvements. When done correctly, professionals will wash and inspect your home’s exterior before adding any paint. You’ll then be able to see any damaged or rotting spots that require repairs. 

Once they complete any necessary repairs, the contractors will add a fresh coat of paint to your exterior walls. The paint will effectively cover any chipping, peeling, or cracking that could lead to damage, creating a layer of protection. High-quality paint makes your home more durable and less susceptible to humidity, precipitation, and insects. 

Opt for light-colored paints if you’re looking for an energy-efficient option to add even more value to your home. Lighter colors help reflect ultraviolet rays, which cools down your house. Because it reflects UV rays, lighter-colored paint has a longer lifespan than darker-colored ones.

So, when your friends ask, “does painting the outside of a house add value?” you can confidently say that it does.

Residential Painting in Tucson

Does painting the outside of your house add value? Both aesthetically and physically, the answer is yes. Hiring painting contractors to apply a fresh coat to your home’s exterior walls is a simple yet effective way to see a high return on investment.

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