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painting house in fall

Painting a House in Fall: What You Need to Know

It’s fall in Arizona, and homeowners can’t wait to say goodbye to oppressively hot summer temperatures. Since avoiding the outdoors is best during Arizona summers, consider doing housework in the fall. Fall housework also improves your home before friends and family visit for the holidays. 

Many Arizona homeowners wonder whether painting their house in the fall is a good idea. While northern states have more challenges with a house painting project in the fall, it could be the ideal time to paint your Tucson home. Nevertheless, understanding the challenges of outdoor painting in this season will make the project more successful.

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Conditions To Consider During Fall Painting

While you might want to avoid painting during Arizona summers, you’ll want to take note of some challenges of fall house painting. These considerations for fall paint application will help you optimize your painting project.

The Paint 

Various types of paint have different temperature conditions required for effective application. Latex paints usually cannot withstand temperatures of 50° or 60ºF after application. However, newer paints can withstand temperatures as low as 35ºF.

Beyond applying the paint at the right temperature, remember that these temperatures must remain optimal during the paint’s dry time. Avoid painting your home if the temperature could drop below 35ºF in the 36 hours following the job. 


Timing your paint job during the fall is crucial as it could significantly impact how long the new coat lasts.

During summer, we advise painting home exteriors following shade patterns and avoiding the sun. However, this advice works in reverse in the fall. 

Painting in the fall sun will help your new coats of paint dry and stick to your home more quickly. Choose times of day when the sun hits your house directly for the best results.

Make sure to try and paint during earlier fall months. Procrastinating a paint job until late November or early December could make it more difficult to avoid the freezing temperatures that make these projects more difficult.

The Scope of the Job and Who’s Painting

Remember that you may have to schedule corollary jobs to paint your home most effectively. If your home’s exterior painting involves power washing, caulk, putty, or primer, this may impact painting your house in the fall.

Interiors vs. Exteriors

While you have many considerations for painting home exteriors during the fall, this season arguably makes the best time for repainting home interiors. Arizona summers can make home interiors hotter and more humid, limiting the paint’s chance of sticking. However, the fall’s decreased humidity and cooler temperatures prime your interior for the perfect repainting job.

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