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painting stucco

What You Need to Know When Painting Stucco

Stucco has become increasingly popular for its many benefits in home protection. However, because of its qualities, stucco requires specific care and consideration when trying to customize it post-installation.

As the top house painting contractors in Tucson, AZ, we at Wiese Painting know the best stucco practices. Painting stucco can be an option if you want to refresh your siding. However, note the potential detriments of this practice and learn how to choose your stucco paint.

#1. Stucco’s Porous Nature Makes It Difficult to Paint

One of the advantages of a stucco exterior includes its pores. The aerated stucco texture, composed of concrete, lime, sand, and other materials, has air pockets or voids. However, painting the air pockets can cause prominent issues.

These voids allow air to filter through the walls and prevent moisture buildup. They also help deflect the heat and cold, helping households in warm and dry climates thrive the best.

If you use the wrong paint while painting stucco, the walls cannot adequately allow air and moisture permeation. Moisture then builds up, which can cause unsightly paint peeling, internal wood rot, and even mold. At the latter point, walls would require removal and rebuilding, which can be an exceedingly expensive process.

#2. You Can Choose Other Ways to Customize Your Stucco

Generally, stucco walls and their textures function best when left alone. It requires no painting, unlike wood, vinyl, and other sidings. The many advantages of stucco often mean reduced customization options may be worth it.

Stucco most often comes in neutral or earthy tones. However, its porous nature and composition allow different additives to color the material. Contractors can also coat the stucco walls with a Portland cement and water mixture tinted in various new colors.

The advantages of stucco remain without the risks painting presents to the material.

#3. If You Must Have Paint, You Need a Specific Type

While painting stucco can present several difficulties, it is not impossible. For those insistent on a fresh coat of paint, we strongly advise choosing acrylic latex or elastomeric paints and products.

These paints resist blistering and peeling while having the most protective formulas against moisture buildup. They coat the porous material evenly, providing much cleaner and fuller coverage than other paint. However, once you apply the paint, it seeps into the pores and won’t cover easily under new paint layers.

Before deciding on the color of the paint, always test the properties and appearance. If you want to test it directly on the wall, choose a stucco patch not easily seen by other people. You can also proceed by painting samples on cardboard, painting on the garage door, or using peel-and-stick samples. 

We Can Help You Take Care of Your Stucco Siding

Wiese Painting contractors have over 30 years of experience painting stucco and other siding materials in Tucson, AZ. We take pride in helping homeowner’s improve their home’s exteriors. While we do the job, you can learn other home paint maintenance tips, such as when to paint over wallpaper

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