are paint fumes bad for dogs

Are Paint Fumes Bad for Dogs: Should You Paint with Pets Around?

Planning a home improvement project as a pet owner can be challenging as it’s essential to ensure your animals are safe throughout the process. However, it can sometimes be unclear to homeowners whether a specific project is unsafe for their pets.

In this article, we’ll answer the question, “Are paint fumes bad for dogs?” and explain how you can ensure your animals are safe during your next painting project. Choosing an experienced contracting company that knows how to interact with and work around pets is essential to a safe and successful painting project.

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Can Paint Fumes Harm Dogs?

The simple answer to the question, “Are paint fumes bad for dogs?” is yes. Dogs and other pets have a much more acute sense of smell than humans, which can make the smell of conventional paint overwhelming for them. In addition, different types of paints can impact animals in different ways, so read the following sections to learn about the issues paint fumes can cause.


One of the most common symptoms animals develop after breathing paint fumes is dizziness and confusion. This symptom is usually temporary, but moving the animal somewhere with plenty of fresh air is essential to their recovery.


Some paints contain latex, which can enter animals’ digestive systems and cause nausea and bloating. This condition can lead to vomiting in smaller dogs and be particularly dangerous to even smaller pets like rabbits or hamsters.

Respiratory Issues

The most severe danger of paint fumes for dogs is the potential for causing respiratory issues. When a dog breathes in excessive paint fumes, they can develop breathing issues or pneumonia, posing a severe health risk. If you think your dog may have breathed paint fumes and is displaying breathing problems, taking them to the vet is the safest option.

How to Protect Your Pet When Painting

If you want to paint your home while ensuring your dog’s safety, there are some strategies you can use. First, water-based paints are an excellent option for pet owners, as these paints do not pose the same dangers as others. If you still want to use conventional paint, taking the dogs elsewhere for a few days and thoroughly ventilating the area is also sufficient.

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