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Cleaning Painted Walls: Best Methods

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Freshly painted walls can make the difference between a boring interior and exterior design and a stylish design that catches people’s eyes. 

Unfortunately, most people do not invest in cleaning painted walls. On average, you should clean your walls at least once a year. 

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Here are some of the best methods for cleaning painted walls. 


Before you begin the cleaning process, you must rid your walls of dust or debris. You can dust the walls with a cloth, vacuum, or brush to prepare for cleaning. 

We recommend a foam craft brush for getting into corners and around edges. Also, make sure that you place a towel below the walls you plan to clean. Drips and spills are common when cleaning painted walls. 

Select a Cleaning Solution 

Next, you must select a cleaning solution to remove dirt from your walls. Your choice should center around what kind of paint you have on your walls. 

For matte, eggshell, or flat paint, you should use a mild cleaning solution. To create a mild wall cleaner, you can combine dye-free soap with dishwashing detergent. 

If you have a glossy paint finish, we recommend using a degreasing agent with your cleaner. These finishes are more durable than matte or eggshell coats, allowing you to use a stronger soap in your cleanser. 

If the paint job on your walls is oil-based, you may use an even stronger cleanser. A popular recipe for an oil-based cleaner is to mix a teaspoon of liquid dish soap with a tiny amount of ammonia. 


When you wash your walls, you want to do it gently. If you are too abrasive, the paint will chip or peel off. Make sure you use the soft side of the scrub to rub the cleaning solution onto your walls. 

To achieve the best results, clean the wall in circular motions and work from the top down. Be careful to keep water away from electrical outlets to prevent dangerous sparks and electrical issues. 

If your regular cleaning solution did not do the trick, try spot-treating the walls using a mixture of baking soda and water. 


If your sponge did not absorb all the water from your washing session, you should use a dry towel to mop up any extra liquid from your walls. Wait for your wall to dry before hanging pictures back up. 

Invest in Commercial and Residential Painting 

Having clean painted walls can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. Wiese Painting Contractors Inc. proudly serves the Tucson, AZ, community with top-notch paint cleaning services. Our skilled team can clean your painted walls quickly and efficiently with the highest quality equipment in the industry. 

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