What Is the Hardest Color to Paint a Wall?

Hardest Color to Paint a Wall - Someone Painting a Wall Dark GrayPainting walls is a common way to update your home, make rooms feel fresh, and change the aesthetic without significant renovations are a few best ways you can change the look of your home/office. Everyone is capable of painting their own room with the right tips. You might be asking yourself, what is the hardest color to paint a wall to be sure that you choose a color that you will be successful with.

Don’t worry because, in this blog, we will share all of the difficult-to-paint colors with you and offer some tips on how to choose the right color. 

When you decide that you no longer want white walls, there are many options for you. There is no reason that a painting contractor cannot help you achieve the look you want, even with a tricky color. Some colors are more difficult to paint, but nothing is impossible. 

Top 4 Hardest Colors to Paint a Wall


Taupe is a popular color for walls, but it can be one of the most difficult. The reason that taupe is often hard to use is that it is closely related to the color white. There are many taupe shades, which do not coordinate together which means that you have to find the right shade of taupe in design elements and accessories. 


There are many reasons that red is difficult. One is that there are different shades of red, and some are overpowering in rooms, like the shades that make the perfect lipstick color. Also, reds that have too much brown in them look dull. Reds with undertones of blue are just too bright. 


While blues are some of the most popular shades to paint walls, they are also one of the most difficult. Bright blues can overpower a room. Subtle blues are underwhelming when looking at paint swatches but look better when on walls.


There are many different shades of gray. Some grays have hints of silver or pewter that create a metallic sheen on painted walls. Other grays have hints of blue or undertones that can affect the accessories that look good. Gray can work, but make sure that you consider furnishings and décor when looking at swatches.

Frequently Asked QuestionsPeople Also Ask:

What is the Most Calming Color to Paint a Room? 

There are nine colors that are calming colors to paint a room. The colors are blue, green, violet, pink, tan, gray, yellow, white, and a mixture of any of the previously mentioned.

What Colors Cause Anxiety? 

Colors are often used as a way to describe emotions. In a recent NBC News article, a study on color and anxiety was recently explored. The research suggests that colors used to describe anxiety, like gray, are often the same colors that cause anxiety. You can learn more about the science behind color and the association of moods from this research.

What Colors Are Most Attractive to Guys? 

Men see things differently than women. This much is evidenced through some studies and is backed by science. When it comes to finding a color that is going to be attractive to a man, the two most common are black and red.

Tips for Choosing the Right Color 

Choosing a color to paint the walls of a room in your home can be challenging. You might find that you struggle to find a color you feel you want around for a while. You might wonder what color is going to stay trendy for the most extended period. Many people find that neutrals are best for most of the walls with pops of color, as illustrated by Better Homes and Gardens in this article.

Here are the top five tips for you to choose the right color for your home:

  • Choose colors that are livable by picking a base color to paint all of the walls, neutral trim colors that can easily be maintained, and accent walls that feature a pop of color.
  • Tips for Choosing the Right Color - Warm and Cold Color ChartWhen picking up color samples, first choose your favorites. Then select the colors that are close to your favorite and those that are shades darker and lighter. The lighting in your home could change colors’ appearance of colors and make it difficult for you to enjoy the color you picked. Make sure that you always check samples at home. Always consider the tone that you want to set for your room
  • For example, choose light and soothing colors if you want the room to have a calming effect, choose bright colors if you want the room to make you feel energized, and stick with your favorite colors that make you happy in the rooms where you spend the most time.
  • Finding inspiration can be tough, but utilizing your favorite items in your home can be helpful. Think about your favorite things, and then look at them to get inspiration from their colors.
  • Remember that you are choosing colors in your home for yourself. Do not allow others to influence your decision because, in the end, their opinion does not matter. If someone else hates the color of a room that you love, that is their loss.

Here at Wiese Painting, we are experienced with painting all colors. We guarantee that any hard-to-paint color is tackled with professionalism and tricks that have been acquired through years of painting. So don’t waste your time asking the hardest color to paint a wall; you can have any color you desire. You will love the look of your freshly painted walls, so contact us today for your free quote!

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